Good companionship and an enjoable experience. Met a lot of interesting people and realized that jazz is much bigger than I thought it was.   jazzahead2015

With fellow Icelanders: Sunna Gunnlaugs, Björn Thoroddsen, Kristján Martinsson and Icelandic Music Export manager Sigtryggur Baldursson. 

Looking foreward to next year. 

My latest album with the Reykjavik Big Band is named: ,,Íslendingur í Alhambrahöll”
( “An Icelander at Alhambra Palace”) and was composed with the today experience of an Icelander in various places and situations, here in Iceland as well as in other places of the world. 

Surprised and caught completely off guard:sss TonlistarverdlauninIceland Music Awards 2015
Composer in jazz&blues category
Jazz album of the year : An Icelander in Alhambra palace
A big thanks to all of the great artists that worked with me on my music.